Ho Chi Minh City: Live The History And Culture Of Vietnam In Ho Chi Min

Well personally when talking about this place it gives some sort of reminiscence about one of the major lessons of history I just learnt about a year ago from my favorite teacher!

Saigon, another name for the same place is a hustling and buzzing city in the southern part of Vietnam wherein it chases India at the second position of the most dynamic city in the world and is known for its history with the French troops and the war period.

The city also known as the Paris of the east has an area of 2096 kmand is a box full of landmarks and museums which are mostly related to the colonial times.

Places to visit

The common transportation facility in Ho Chi Minh City happens to be a motorcycle, but a boat can also be taken for a change. Sites like the reunification palace, War remnant museum, Notre Dame, post office are all good places to start your journey and the plus point that they are located at very close distances that can be walked. Also during the stay at this place, you can visit the Caravelle hotel due to its history of how reporters used to go to the rooftop and have a view of all the things going around.

On the gastronomical terms, the city pretty adamantly loves – Banh Mi – Vietnamese sandwich. Other than that you can find food shops and stalls on almost every nook and corner of the streets. Be sure to check out the street food for some of the best mouth watering experiences along with a perfect cup of coffee in the biggest city of the world to produce coffee beans.


The minimum average expense is about $50 wherein the best accommodations are usually found in the center of the city near the popular sites but they tend to be way costly due to the view and the proximity to the attractions than places away from these places.

The language most widely spoken all around the country is Vietnamese and there might be issues with the language barrier, hence always keep a map and business card from the hotel to ensure ease. Another thing that must be as always remembered on any trip whether short or long is the insurance for a secure travel.