Stuttgart- An Experience Beyond Words

Stuttgart is a big city in Germany and also the capital of Baden-Württemberg.  Popular for its wine-growing industry Stuttgart is well known for its cultural attractions like the Philharmonic, opera, and ballet. Our stay in the city was a busy affair with so many places to visit and so much to see.  The city is a perfect destination for those who enjoy green spaces and gardens. Besides museums, landmarks, and historic sites, there are many parks and hiking trails in Stuttgart that can keep you active throughout your stay.

  • Mercedes-Benz Museum

The museum is all about the origin of the Mercedes brand and how it was invented and introduced to the world in 1886. There are over 160 vehicles on display and you can find all sorts of classic and vintage cars in here. Every month, thousands of tourists visit this unique automobile museum to learn about the history of Mercedes Benz. We enjoyed the free audio tour that helped us in learning many interesting facts about the exhibits.

  • Killesberg Park

As an ardent nature lover, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Killesberg Park in Stuttgart.  The urban park is quite big and occupies an area of 123 acres. The place is known for its Valley of Roses where you can see a beautiful assortment of rare species of roses. It is one of the oldest parks in the city. The best time to visit the place is in July when the entire place is decorated with lanterns and several entertainment activities are hosted by the authorities.

  • Stuttgart City Library

If you want to experience something extraordinary, do visit the Stuttgart City Library. I had never seen a library quite like this in my life. The entire building is a stunning example of modern architecture. The impeccable interiors house millions of books. And if you ascend to the top of the building you can have a panoramic view of the entire city.