Verona: A Must Visit

I went to Verona with a friend of mine and like other Italian cities; Verona is quite an amazing city. It has stunning sights and is a walkable city.

I visitedthe city’s most famous square – Piazza Delle Erbe.   It is an affluent trading location of the city. Nearby is located, the Centro di Fotografia Scavi Scaligeri where various exhibitions are held. After having an espresso at a cafe, I went to Arena – the vast Roman Amphitheatre. It was built outside the city walls in 30 AD. It can accommodate around 30,000 spectators. It was also registered as the world’s largest open-air opera venue during the celebration of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi in 1913.

I stayed at Hotel Aurora which is situated in one of the suburbs. It is a tiny but furnished hotel within budget. Other hotels recommended are Hotel Giulietta Romeo and Palazzo Victoria. I had my lunch at Ristorante Greppia, a small friendly restaurant offering fresh, traditional or western Italian dishes.   You can also plan to visit Locanda 4 Cuochi that is a welcoming restaurant and conveniently placed in the Arena.

I visited the exquisite Verona Cathedral that exhibited incredible art and has an amazing architecture. It was built during the 14th century. I bid the city farewell from the vantage point of the city – Castel San Pietro and then set off back to home.   

Verona is one of the must-visit places in Italy. It is easy to reach this place through a variety of local transport available from major cities like Rome and Milan. Make sure that you keep aside at least one week entirely for exploring this place because it just has too much to offer to its visitors. Also, try to roam the entire city either by foot or through cycles which can be rented.