Wurzburg – A Town with an Interesting History

There are several German towns steeped in history and Wurzburg is one of them. With royal palaces all around, I discovered that there is much to see here.

History of the Place

Did you know that this town has some of the most impressive palaces in Europe? That is what the guide told me when I took a tour of the city. It was known for Royal Residenz that is famous and attracts a lot of European tourists. The home of Prince-Bishop of Wurzburg is of particular interest, especially since it had several infamous as well as famous residents.

I was also surprised to know that Napoleon Bonaparte made a stop by this town in May 1812. This was on his way to invade Russia. Rumors were that his invasion of Russia was unsuccessful since he had not slept well.

Royal Residenz and the Gardens

This is a stop not to be missed. I enjoyed not only visiting the inner chambers of the palace but also the royal gardens at the back. Even though many castles have larger gardens, the setting of this garden is a unique one. Many come here to enjoy family picnics here.

Old Main Bridge

This is another structure that spans over Main River in the heart of the town. Many compare it to the Charles Bridge in Prague. It has several architectural similarities and both are adorned with several statues.

Marienberg Fortress

In my travels across Germany, I have come to love fortresses on the mountains and this is another that towers over the city by the river. History of the fortress is that it was built to ward off invasions of the Swedish army.


While you are here do visit wineries in the Franconia region. There are several wine tours here of which we availed of one. We took home a bottle of white wine in this region that has a distinct flavor.